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This article is related to my previous article. This article is about Nian.

Facts about Niana Guerrero!

1. Real Name: Niana Guerrero

2. Age: January 27,2006 (11yrs)

3. The origin of: She is Beautiful and versatile dancer, actress and entertainer from Philippines

4. Family: Niana is one brother Ranz and three sisters Natalia, Sarah and Nina

5. Hobby: Draw, sing and dance

6. Past: Niana has starred in various film

7. Achievement: Niana with her brother Ranz has released an album *iTunes*

8. Personal intereses: Dancing, singing

9. Work: YouTuber

10. Social Networks: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musically.ly

They are famous musically Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

They are famous musically

They quickly resolve their... Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

They quickly resolve their disagreements

They have received several... Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

They have received several honors for their YouTuber career

Ranz and niana have a... Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

Ranz and niana have a wonderful sister and brother relationship....

Despite the difference of 9... Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

Despite the difference of 9 years, they have found their common ground - dancing

Nian is big dreamnbspNiana... Autors: vampīriņš14 Niana Guerrero

Nian is big dream 

Niana much travel with your brother Ranz Kyle​


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