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Daži rekordit iešām OMG ! :O
Most Gravity Defying Natural... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
1. Most Gravity Defying Natural Breasts After extensive research, we have decided this record should go to Rosina Revelle (UK, born 1940). Rosina was modelling in the late 50039s and the first silicone breast implant operations were not carried out until 1962
The greatest number of naked... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
2. The greatest number of naked people jumping rope simultaneously is eight performing in this Japanese quotZenraquot movie.
Most naked women on a... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
3. Most naked women on a standard sized double bed
Smallest bikini covering... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
4. Smallest bikini (covering vital parts) The smallest bikini we have found so far is this model from by Double Take Micro Wear. There are smaller models available, but they don039t cover the vital parts and so we don039t consider them true bikinis.
Largest natural breasts In... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
5. Largest natural breasts In the book, Human Oddities by Martin Monestier, there is a topless photo of a woman with 44-pound breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference. These are possibly the largest breasts the world has ever seen. However in modern times the world039s largest breasts belong to Norma Stitz (USA, born Annie Hawkins-Turner) who takes a size 56WW Bra. Norma holds the Guinness world record for having the biggest tits in the world.
Most naked women held off... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
6. Most naked women held off the ground by one man Lets start the bidding at two - surely someone can do better than that
Most naked people in a boat... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
7. Most naked people in a boat The most naked peole on a boat was 2,124 aboard the quotCosta Mediterraneaquot
Greatest number of quotpull... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
8. Greatest number of quotpull upsquot (Female)
Fastest skipping Female The... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
9. Fastest skipping (Female) The fastest naked skipping was 26 full rotations of the rope in 10 seconds
Most simultaneous hula hoops Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
10. Most simultaneous hula hoops
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flab3r avatars
Medaļa SviestmaizeMedaļa Spoki flameMedaļa Bakalaurs
  flab3r 26.08.09 17:42
Te taču bērni arī ir.

rihardo456 avatars
Medaļa ŽurnālistsMedaļa SviestmaizeMedaļa Students
  rihardo456 26.08.09 17:45
wow :D

TomsElle avatars
Medaļa DoktorsMedaļa Burvju klana biedrsMedaļa Spoks
  TomsElle 28.08.09 06:57
Dazi smiekligi...Bet nu to izpletnleceju hz vai parspes.

VIPlady79 avatars
Medaļa Gada spoks 2009Medaļa Most WantedMedaļa Dienas joks
  VIPlady79 27.08.09 23:27
a kas tulkos ? :)))

Pēcnācējs avatars
Medaļa SviestmaizeMedaļa Man patīk Facebook 7000Medaļa Dienas joks
  Pēcnācējs 26.08.09 17:40
Sākuma lasīju..pēc tam tik acīm prieks.. :D :D D: D:

Veeza avatars
Medaļa MaģistrantsMedaļa TeamworkMedaļa Trumpe
  Veeza 26.08.09 17:56
pornogrāfija tā ir pornogrāfija varēja nebūt kailie cāļi ;)

Krekeris avatars
Medaļa MaģistrsMedaļa Dienas joksMedaļa Maģistrants
  Krekeris 26.08.09 18:14
nebija latviski.