I love walking in rain cuz... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
1. I love walking in rain, cuz no one knows i'm crying.
Don039t hate yourself... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
2. Don't hate yourself... everyone is doing it for you already.
No worriesbe happy Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
3. No worries,be happy,
You dont always have to be... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
4. You don’t always have to be on top
Honeyhoney take my heart... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
5. Honey,honey take my heart like money and run.
quotI love uquot You said... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
6. "I love u" You said that to me One thousand times. Now, let me ask you: ''Did you mean at least one?''
Crying is never a sign of... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
7. Crying is never a sign of weakness. Its a sign that even when you act strong, you know you have heart
People make mistakes and... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
8. People make mistakes and their mistakes shouldn't define who they are.
Trying to forget someone you... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
9. Trying to forget someone you love, is like trying to remember someone you never knew.
Don039t ask me why i love... Autors: bello15 ♥♥♥/tekstiņi/
10. Don't ask me why i love you, just accept the fact that i do
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