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Most naked people in hot tub... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
11. Most naked people in hot tub We think the record may be 108, but we are awaiting more information about the photo below.
Greatest quotincline bench... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
12. Greatest quotincline bench pressquot (female) Thre greatest incline bench press we have found so far is 35Kg (for 12 repetitions) by quotKrisztinaquot in a
Most nude skydives Jeff... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
13. Most nude skydives Jeff Dawson (USA) has skydived naked 311 times.
Largest Penis The largest... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
14. Largest Penis The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around, documented in the early twentieth century by Dr. Robert L. Dickinson. During our research we came across the picture below - somehow we suspect it may be a fake -)
Biggest nude skydiving... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
15. Biggest nude skydiving formation 23 performed in 1988 over Batchelor, Australia.
Naked Limbo We have yet to... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
16. Naked Limbo We have yet to receive a proper entrant for this catagory - but in the mean time this is the nearest thing we have found. The lady pictured is obviously wearing far too many clothes for the record to be official
Largest enhanced breasts... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
17. Largest (enhanced) breasts Lolo Ferrari (November 8, 1970 - March 5, 2000) was a dancer and actress billed as quotthe woman with the largest breasts in the worldquot. Born Eve Valois in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France (top picture). The current Guinness record for a living person is held by quotMaxi Moundsquot (US) - (Middle picture). Just for good measure we thought we would include a picture of perhaps Maxi039s closet rival, Chelsea Charms (bottom).
Human pyramid male The most... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
18. Human pyramid (male) The most layers we039ve come across so far is three, and the biggest of those is with two on the top layer.
Greatest male skier to ski... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
19. Greatest male skier to ski naked Wengen, Switzerland, January 10 2007. 29-year-old Austrian World Cup skier Rainer Schoenfelder went on a ski run naked, wearing only skis, boots and a helmet. The sportsman appeared on the ski track naked after losing bet to his doctor.
Most naked women on a... Autors: BrikuLis Plikie Rekordisti!
20. Most naked women on a trampoline Someone sent in this picture so let039s start the bidding at four... can anyone beat that
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flab3r avatars
Medaļa JubilārsMedaļa Spoki flameMedaļa Spekulants
  flab3r 26.08.09 17:42
Te taču bērni arī ir.

rihardo456 avatars
Medaļa ŽurnālistsMedaļa SviestmaizeMedaļa Students
  rihardo456 26.08.09 17:45
wow :D

TomsElle avatars
Medaļa Burvju klana biedrsMedaļa Dienas joksMedaļa Maģistrants
  TomsElle 28.08.09 06:57
Dazi smiekligi...Bet nu to izpletnleceju hz vai parspes.

VIPlady79 avatars
Medaļa Gada spoks 2009Medaļa Most WantedMedaļa Dienas joks
  VIPlady79 27.08.09 23:27
a kas tulkos ? :)))

Pēcnācējs avatars
Medaļa Burvju klana biedrsMedaļa KomiķisMedaļa Dienas doma
  Pēcnācējs 26.08.09 17:40
Sākuma lasīju..pēc tam tik acīm prieks.. :D :D D: D:

Veeza avatars
Medaļa MaģistrantsMedaļa JubilārsMedaļa Tīģeris
  Veeza 26.08.09 17:56
pornogrāfija tā ir pornogrāfija varēja nebūt kailie cāļi ;)

Krekeris avatars
Medaļa MaģistrsMedaļa Dienas joksMedaļa Maģistrants
  Krekeris 26.08.09 18:14
nebija latviski.